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How RF Welding Machine Works

  • Update:17-07-2017
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    RF welding is a very mature technology since the 1940s. […]

    RF welding is a very mature technology since the 1940s. The objects to be welded are sandwiched between two metal electrodes, which are usually mounted on a pneumatic press that will provide pressure and electromagnetic energy. When the press starts, the electrodes gather together, and the high frequency waves pass through the small area between the mold and the surfacing table. This high frequency field causes the molecules in the material to move and become hot, and the final material will melt, and the force exerted by the electrodes will melt or fuse the two surfaces together. After cooling, a permanent joint has been formed in the form of a mold. No external heat is applied.

    RF welding provides several advantages over alternative welding techniques: RF welding occurs from inside to outside by using the material itself as a heat source. The heat is focused only on the target area of the weld so that the surrounding material does not have to be overheated to reach the target temperature at the joint.

    The use of RF, only in the excitation field to produce heat. Once the generator is turned off, the heat will turn off. This allows for better control over the amount of energy the material sees throughout the cycle. In addition, the heat generated by the radio is not radiated from the mold as it is on the heating die. This prevents thermal deterioration of the material adjacent to the weld.

    The RF tool usually runs cold, which means that once the RF is turned off, the material will stop heating, even though it is still in a stress state. Thus, the material can be heated, welded and cooled immediately under compression. More control over welding results in more control over the resulting extrudate, thereby providing excellent weld strength.

    The RF weld is clean because the only material required to produce RF welding is the material itself. There is no adhesive or by-product in RF Welding Machine.