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To Know the Meaning of High Frequency Welding Machine

  • Update:19-07-2017
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    Davison-machinery manufactures the forefront of high-fr […]

    Davison-machinery manufactures the forefront of high-frequency plastic welding machines. The commitment to quality at an economic price through our product innovation for existing and end users will help us gain access to markets in the Middle East. Our advanced technology work in the heart of the end user customer, equipped with the latest machine manufacturing equipment, to confirm all relevant specifications and technical parameters.

    In the management, engineering and technical cadres of the high-quality personnel under the supervision of manufacturing. Our machines are testing the quality of the latest types of test equipment, confirming compliance with international standards. We have time to re-launch the updated model and upgrade the existing ones.

    High frequency welding machine is called high frequency welding machine or RF welding machine. The HF welding machine is used to connect two plastic parts by giving the electromagnetic form of energy. In other words, you can define a HF welding machine that is a process of welding objects together by applying a high frequency voltage to use an electromagnetic field to heat the object.

    Ceiling advertising banners, tents, tarpaulins, inflatable boats, water beds, etc. are made through the use of this machine. HF machines are also very useful in the medical field, such as for the manufacture of blood bags, urine bags, irrigation bags, oxygen bags, storage bags, pressure cuffs, fluid bags, wound suction devices, etc., HF welding and all using HF welding Machine manufacturing.

    This technique is very useful for manufacturing products in a short time. The parameters involved in the High Frequency Welding Machine are - power, pressure applied, welding time and cooling time. These parameters can be adjusted according to the specific material or equipment to obtain the desired results. The high frequency welding machine is adjusted according to the thickness of the material and the area to be welded.

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