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Working Principle Of High Frequency Welding

  • Update:14-07-2017
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    A typical plastic welding machine consists of a high fr […]

    A typical plastic welding machine consists of a high frequency generator, a pneumatic press, an RF current is transferred to the electrode of the material to be welded and the High Frequency Welding station holding the material in place. The machine may also have a ground bar, which is typically mounted behind the electrode, which directs the current back to the machine. There are different types of plastic welders, the most common are tarpaulins, packaging machines and automated machines.

    By adjusting the tuning of the machine, the magnetic field strength can be adjusted to the material being welded. When welding, the machine is surrounded by the radio frequency domain, if too strong, you can slightly heat the body. This is what the operator needs to protect. The intensity of the RF field also depends on the type of machine used. Typically, a machine with a visible open electrode has a stronger field than a machine with a closed electrode.

    In describing the radio frequency electromagnetic field, often referred to the field frequency. The allowable frequency for plastic welding machines is 13.56, 27.12 or 40.68 megahertz (MHz). The most popular industrial frequency for HF welding is 27.12MHz.

    The RF field from the plastic welding machine is distributed around the machine, but in most cases it is only next to the machine, the scene is very strong and needs to take precautions. The strength of the field with the distance from the source of a sharp decline. The field strength is given in two different ways: the electric field strength is measured in volts per meter (V / m) and the field strength is in amperes per meter (A / m). Both must be measured to understand the intensity of the RF field. If you touch the device (contact current) and the current (induced current) to sense the current when welding, the current must also be measured.