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Shuttle Way high frequency wedling machine

Shuttle Way high frequency wedling machineShuttle Way high frequency wedling machine
Shuttle Way high frequency wedling machine

Application :
Blister packaging
Soft crease box case making
Hot bag welding
PVC bag making

Machine overview and features
DXHT series machine have 2 working stations , need mounted 1 upper mould and 2 lower mould , this makes the operators can run the machine high frequency welding alternatively . The machine packaging speed can be 3000 - 4500 pcs/ 8 hours, if need high productivity , for example more than 6000pcs/ 8 hours , suggest use turntable table machine , or automatic blister packaging machine .
Machine can mounted with fast mould change device ,save the mould change time and can get precise welding .
DXHT series machine can build according to client’s product and can add other welding requests.

Model DXHT5-1-5KW DXHT5-1-8KW DXHT5-1-10KW
Output power 5KW 8KW 10KW
Voltage 380v 380v 380v
Frequency 27.12MHZ 27.12MHZ 27.12MHZ
Electron tube 7T85 7T69 E3069
Welding capacity 350 x 200mm 600 x 400mm 650 x 450mm
Distance between   two electrodes 150mm 150mm 150mm
Stroke 200mm 200mm 200mm
upper electrode 350x200mm 600X400mm 650 x 450mm
lower electrode 600X400mm 800X570mm 700X500mm
Slide table 630X500mm 830X670mm 760X550mm
G.W. 400.00 kgs 470.00 kgs 700.00 kgs
Packing Size 1180x800x1920mm 1260x1180x1920mm 1100x1200x2000mm
How can I buy good quality high frequency machine ? 
Firstly : check the supplier is trader or factory , for future better service . Factory is better .  Factory have engineer and technician can help solve the machine problem . 
Secondly :  different products use different model machines , better the supplier have made your product before . 
Thirdly :  Before you confirm an order , visit the supplier . 

What is the corollary equipment for this machine ?
It need one air compressor and relate tooling .we can also make the tooling according to your products . 

I never use this kind machine before , How can i operate it ?
If small machine , under 12kw . It's easy . Machine video , manual operation will mail to you . Together with online service . 
If machine output power big , like 50 ---100kw . Engineer can come to your country help to install and offer training .
Customer can also come to our company for free training 1-2 days, English , Russian ,etc speaker will offer service for you .  

Do you make the tooling ? 
Yes , we have tooling department , can design also.  Two CNC machines used to make some machine parts in our company. 

What I need send you if want buy high frequency machine . 
Before you send the sample , please let us know : 1)material  2) thickness 3) product size 4) pictures 5) need weld part  . Better can send us sample do some testing . 

What's the name of your company and Where is your company ? 
Tel : +86-574-87630666     Fax: +86-574-87635525

How long is the machine warranty time?
Spare free in 12 months , customer pay the freight .
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