Development of the industry era of pump impeller laser welding machine

Update: 06-09-2019

The pump impeller laser welding machine is a hot spot i […]

The pump impeller laser welding machine is a hot spot in the laser field in recent years. In the field of processing, fiber lasers have a tendency to rapidly replace the traditional YAG and C02 lasers. It is widely believed that high-power fiber lasers will be the third generation of advanced industrial processing lasers. Fiber lasers have many unique advantages, good beam quality; small size, light weight, maintenance-free; wind-cooled simple and easy-to-operate parts; low operating costs, can be used in industrial environments.

The pump impeller laser welding machine is more special in that the scanning speed is usually 600 to 750 mm / sec, so that the total cutting speed can reach 150 mm / sec when doing the 5-way processing. This application also requires very high edge quality, so there must be 50% pulse fluctuation space superposition life, long processing precision, high speed; high energy conversion efficiency, can achieve intelligent, automated, flexible operation.


Based on the above advantages, its application field has been extended to automotive manufacturing, and many chip manufacturers have now switched to 355 nm Q-switched semiconductor pumped solid-state lasers. Similar to circular saws, laser cutting must be multi-passed to minimize thermal damage that can be eliminated by post-processing. Therefore, important laser parameters are extremely high pulse repetition frequencies.