Do you know about the three types of butt welding machines

Update: 20-12-2019

There are many types of butt welding machines, each typ […]

There are many types of butt welding machines, each type of welding has different products and scopes. Therefore, when we choose, we must know what butt welding machines can be welded and what products we will introduce today. :
 Program-controlled reduced-voltage flash butt welding This butt welder welding method is characterized in that a high secondary no-load voltage is used at the beginning of the flash to facilitate the flashing. When the end temperature rises, a low-voltage flash is used, and Keep the flash speed constant to improve thermal efficiency. When approaching upset, increase the secondary voltage to make the flash more intense to increase self-protection.

Compared with pre-heated flash butt welding, program-controlled reduced-voltage flash butt welding has the advantages of short welding time, low required power, and uniform heating.

The pulse flash butt welding method is characterized in that during the stroke fed by the movable clamp, a reciprocating vibration stroke is superimposed by a hydraulic vibration device, with an amplitude of 0.25-1.2mm and a frequency of 3-35Hz uniformly adjustable. Due to the vibration, the end faces of the weldment are alternately short-circuited and pulled apart, resulting in pulse flashes.

Compared with ordinary flash butt welding, pulse flash butt welding, because of spontaneous blasting without beams, has small spray particles and shallow fire mouth, so the thermal efficiency can be more than doubled, and the amount of upset forging can be reduced to 2 / 3-1 / 2.

The above two methods are mainly to meet the needs of flash butt welding of large-section workpieces.

Compared with square wave flash butt welding with rectangular wave flash butt welding, the stability of flash can be significantly improved. Because when the voltage of the sine wave power is close to zero, the flash will be interrupted instantaneously, and the rectangular wave can generate the flash uniformly in the whole cycle. It has nothing to do with the voltage phase.

The number of flashes per unit time of the rectangular wave power supply is 30% higher than that of power frequency AC, the metal particles sprayed are fine, the fire mouth is shallow, and the thermal efficiency is high. The rectangular wave frequency can be adjusted in the range of 30-180Hz. This method is mostly used for continuous flash butt welding of thin plates and aluminum alloy wheels.