How to choose ultrasonic welding machine

Update: 28-04-2020

Ultrasonic welding machine is a welding equipment using […]

Ultrasonic welding machine is a welding equipment using ultrasonic technology. It is classified according to the processed materials and can be divided into ultrasonic plastic welding machine and metal welding machine. Because of the fast speed and high accuracy of this welding technology, ultrasonic metal welding machines and plastic welding machines are widely used in various manufacturing plants. There are many types of welding machines on the market, how to choose ultrasonic welding machines.

To select an ultrasonic welding machine, we must first understand what parameters it has, and what meaning these parameters represent. Taking ultrasonic plastic welding machine as an example, its main parameters are welding material, welding speed, loading force, output power, ultrasonic frequency, welding wheel diameter and welding seam width. Ultrasonic frequency will directly affect the welding speed and welding strength. The weld width refers to the width of the gap that will be generated when the workpiece is welded. Other parameters can be understood by the meaning of the surface text. When the factory chooses the ultrasonic welding machine, it is necessary to understand the attributes of the products it produces, whether it is a plastic workpiece or a metal workpiece, so as to determine whether to choose the ultrasonic plastic welding machine or the metal welding machine, and then select the welding machine with the appropriate parameters according to the factory's production line.

Everyone will focus on the output power when choosing an ultrasonic welding machine. The size of the ultrasonic output power is affected by the device transducer and is generally fixed. The high output power means that the welding speed of ultrasonic plastic welding machine and metal welding machine is also high. If a hardware processing plant is not large, it is not necessary to choose equipment with high output power when purchasing an ultrasonic metal welding machine, which will cause a waste of resources. It can be seen that it is very important to choose the corresponding ultrasonic welding machine according to the actual situation of your own factory, which can save a lot of costs for the factory.