How to define a fully automatic spot welding production line

Update: 02-04-2020

In simple terms, the definition of a fully automatic sp […]

In simple terms, the definition of a fully automatic spot welding production line is all user-customized, non-market-distributed automated system integration equipment. It is assembled using unit equipment manufactured in accordance with the unified industry standards and specifications issued by the country. It is based on the customer's purpose. Need, develop, design and manufacture equipment. Different types of customers have different process requirements.

Classification: The classification of automatic spot welding production lines is relatively vague. The main classification is divided according to the customer industry. Generally, there are the following elements. The production and production of general standard equipment can be completed according to the specific regulations. Non-standard equipment needs to be independently designed according to the specific place of use, industry characteristics, and use. There is no specific reference type for the design of non-standard equipment.

Maintenance standards: 1. Formulate reasonable inspection quotas according to the equipment operating instructions to improve the technical level of inspections; 2. Check whether the sensors, solenoid valves, and cylinders are loose or falling off; 3. Check whether the sensors are wet or enter the water; Check the calibration water and gas flow meter.