How to maintain the ultrasonic welding machine

Update: 19-05-2020

Any machine has a life span. If there is no good mainte […]

Any machine has a life span. If there is no good maintenance, it will malfunction and greatly shorten the use time of the machine. For ultrasonic welding machines, the following maintenance methods are very effective, you can learn from them.

1. Always clean the ultrasonic welding head, bottom mold, etc., and the air filter should be cleaned with detergent or water to ensure that the equipment is in a clean and dry state.
2. Regularly check the cable connector. If there is any looseness, please deal with it as soon as possible. Generally, check the cable connector at least once a week.
3. No heavy objects or fluids can be placed on the vibration box of the machine, otherwise it will adversely affect the equipment.
4. Open the upper cover of the control box regularly every month, and use a clean air gun without moisture to remove the dust in the box to keep the parts cool and well ventilated.
5. If there is dust on the outside, use a clean cloth to wipe it. Use dry compressed air to blow off the dust in the machine every six months. It is strictly prohibited to use various fluxes when cleaning the side plates and surfaces of the welding machine. Wipe gently.
The working place of the ultrasonic welding machine should also be kept in good condition, the air should be circulated, and the temperature should be controlled below 40 degrees Celsius.