How to solve the interference caused by the high frequency machine

Update: 30-03-2021

Speaking of high-frequency machines, we need to first u […]

Speaking of high-frequency machines, we need to first understand what high-frequency is, above 6000 Hz, extending to about 20,000 Hz, which is what we call "high frequency". The fundamental sound of almost no musical instrument falls in the high frequency range. Simply put, the high frequency range is the overtone of each instrument. The reason why electronic synthesizers can simulate the sounds of various musical instruments is by simulating their high-frequency overtone series. And there are many confusions caused by high-frequency machines. Today, I will tell everyone how to solve the interference caused by high-frequency machines:

What are the main uses of the high frequency machine?
The practical uses of high-frequency machines are as large as heating, heat treatment, welding, and annealing. Principle: The high-frequency high current of the high-frequency machine flows to a heating coil that is wound into a ring or other shapes (usually made of a copper tube high-frequency machine).

How to solve the interference caused by the high frequency machine?
1. When building the factory building, shield the system with a 0.3 galvanized sheet or small mesh wire mesh, and drive a 50mm iron pipe into the ground for 2-3 meters, punch one every two meters, and connect the shielding net with The iron pipe is connected, so that the high-frequency signal is not easy to radiate from the factory, which has the effect of overall shielding.

2. Ground the frame and shell of the high-frequency machine well, strengthen the shielding of the machine body, and reduce the radiation of the machine body. It is recommended to use an angle iron with a width of 50mm×50mm or more and a length of not less than 2m into the ground as a grounding body, and then use a copper wire of more than 10mm2 to connect The frame and the shell of the high-frequency machine are connected with the grounding body. The connection should be as short as possible, do not make a circle, and try to avoid turning. This can strengthen the shielding of the body of the high-frequency machine and reduce the intensity of the interference signal radiated outward. If there are multiple high-frequency machines in the car (room) room, it is best to bury a ground wire next to each high-frequency machine (or two adjacent ones).

3. Capacitors can be paralleled at the power supply end of the TV, and the capacity should be as large as possible. By the way, use hard copper core wire (enameled wire is best) to wind two 14 cm long and 2 cm diameter hollow coils to your home power inlet. Check whether the wiring of your home's power inlet is well connected, and the shielded copper net on the signal wire of the TV should be grounded.

4. Just buy a filter, go to the electronic market and tell the situation, people will give it to you, and some people will say (the filter is not useful), in fact, if it is interference, the filter must be useful, if it is When the voltage is reduced, the filter is useless. You have to measure it clearly. It is best to have a frequency analyzer to know which band interference is good for the filter.