Inspirational thinking for designing high frequency welding machine

Update: 19-11-2020

Knowing that the specific gravity of gold and silver is […]

Knowing that the specific gravity of gold and silver is different, and the volume of gold and silver of the same weight is also different, when wanting to know whether the gold crown contains the same weight of silver, Archimedes knew that the key to solving the problem was to measure the volume of the gold crown. How can a high-frequency welder measure the volume of a gold crown with a complex structure? When he stepped into the bathtub with a question, he saw that the body immersed in the water and the water overflowing from the bathtub had the same volume, and immediately came up with a method to measure the volume of the golden crown: put the golden crown in the water, and the water discharged by the golden crown The volume of is the volume of the golden crown. Archimedes uses a leap of intuitive thinking, and intuitively solves the questions that plagued him in the history of human invention and creation. There are countless examples of this. Intuition has shown a great role in creation and invention, showing logical thinking. Unattainable initiative. Nowadays, the modern society with advanced technology urgently needs talents with creative consciousness and creative ability. To develop intuitive thinking, people first need to expand their knowledge. Accumulating a large amount of knowledge and rich experience is a prerequisite for generating intuition. Secondly, people have to think proactively and boldly imagine and guess. In addition, it should be noted that the conclusions obtained through intuition must be logically demonstrated or tested before action. Intuitive thinking and logical thinking must not be completely separated. When intuition reaches its climax in creative activities, it often produces a special experience that is inspiration. Inspiration refers to the sudden emergence of new ideas in people's minds.

Inspirational thinking is a sudden phenomenon that people cannot control themselves, and the creativity of high-frequency welding machines is highly utilized. It is a way of thinking that can directly and quickly understand specific things without logical reasoning. Inspiration thinking mainly occurs in the subconscious. It is the result of the fusion and collision of the conscious and subconscious. Inspiration is also called epiphany, which is a typical creative thinking. Inspiration is a kind of thinking activity that is similar to the unconscious or subconscious, although it can also send out the spark of creation without logical reasoning. Inspiration sometimes occurs when you concentrate on thinking about the problem, but sometimes it is inadvertently or sleepy. The generation of inspiration is not mysterious. It is a sudden clarification after long-term thinking, and it is the achievement of a certain degree of accumulation of practical experience and knowledge. Repin said: "Inspiration is nothing but a reward for hard work." But the arrival of this kind of inspiration is not groundless. Hard work, hard exploration, good at observing and thinking, high-frequency welding machine is a prerequisite for inspiration. Inspirational thinking is a form of activity hidden deep in people's thinking. Its appearance has many accidental factors. It is not shifted by human will, but it can work hard to create conditions, that is to say, consciously allow inspiration to emerge at any time. This requires understanding and mastering the activity law of inspirational thinking, analyzing the characteristics of inspirational thinking, and summarizing some of its main basic characteristics.

1) Jumping inspiration has no strict rules to follow, and its thinking activities have the characteristics of jumping forward. It perceives the whole structure of things through insight. However, the results need to be further revised and confirmed.

2) Uncertainty. Because inspiration is an instantaneous insight of people, without a strict reasoning process, it comes from a subconscious activity in the subconscious state of the human brain. It has a certain guessing component and inevitably has a certain ambiguity.

3) Novelty Novelty means that the information of inspirational thinking is related to each person's knowledge, experience, thinking, ways and abilities. The angle of understanding the problem is different, and the way and content of inspiration are also different. Each has its own merits.