Main welding method of ultrasonic welding machine

Update: 21-09-2019

As shown in Fig. 1, the ultrasonic welding method: ultr […]

As shown in Fig. 1, the ultrasonic welding method: ultrasonic vibration is transmitted to the weldment with the welding head. Since the sound resistance of the two weldments is large, local high temperature is generated, and the interface of the weldment is melted under a certain pressure to make the two welds. The piece achieves an aesthetically pleasing, fast and sturdy weld effect.

2, ultrasonic implant (insertion) method: the nut or other metal to insert into the plastic workpiece first transmits the ultrasonic wave to the metal, after high-speed vibration, the metal object is directly buried in the molded plastic, and the plastic is melted, and the solidified is buried. .

3, ultrasonic riveting method: If you want to join metal and plastic or two plastics with different properties, you can use ultrasonic riveting method to make the welding parts not easy to be embrittled, beautiful and strong.

As shown in Fig. 4, the ultrasonic spot welding method uses a small welding head to weld two large plastic products by spot welding, or a whole row of toothed welding heads directly pressed on two plastic workpieces, thereby achieving the spot welding effect.

5. Ultrasonic molding method: Ultrasonic molding of plastic workpieces is instantaneously formed, and metal or other materials can be solidified when the plastic is solidified.

As shown in Fig. 6, the ultrasonic cutting method (cutting method): using the special design method of the welding head and the base, when the plastic workpiece is just shot, it is directly pressed on the branches of the plastic, and the cutting effect is achieved by ultrasonic conduction.

The composition and function of the ultrasonic welding machine: The ultrasonic plastic welding machine consists of a pneumatic transmission system, a control system, an ultrasonic generator, a transducer, a tool head and a mechanical device.