Precautions when using the welding machine

Update: 26-10-2019

When using the welding machine, care must be taken to r […]

When using the welding machine, care must be taken to reduce corrosion. The reduction in corrosion can extend the life of the equipment. The phenomenon that the metal surface is chemically or electrochemically affected by the surrounding medium and is destroyed is called corrosion. This corrosive effect not only affects the normal operation of the mechanical appearance equipment, but also corrodes the internal parts of the machine.
If the rain, the chemical substances in the air enter the machine through the external passages, gaps, etc. of the mechanical parts of the welding machine, corrode the inside of the mechanical parts, accelerate the mechanical wear and increase the mechanical failure. Because this kind of corrosion is sometimes invisible and intangible, it is easy to be ignored. In this respect, it is more harmful. In use, management and operators should take effective measures according to the local weather conditions and air pollution at that time to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on the machinery. The key point is to prevent the intrusion of chemical components into the rainwater and air. Working in the rain.
Tests have shown that the main drive gear and bearing of the welding machine must be operated in lubricating oil at -5 ° C than in lubricating oil at 3 ° C, and the wear is increased by 10-12 times.
However, when the temperature is relatively high, the deterioration of the lubricating oil will inevitably be accelerated. If the oil temperature exceeds 55-60 ° C, the oxidation rate of the oil will be doubled for every 5 ° C increase in the oil temperature. To this end, when the welding machine equipment is in use, it is necessary to prevent overload operation at low temperatures, ensure normal operation in the low-speed pre-warming stage, and then drive or work after the mechanical equipment reaches the specified temperature. Ignore its important role.
Second, it is necessary to prevent the welding machine equipment from running under high temperature. During the operation of the machine, the values ​​on various thermometers should be checked frequently. If the problem is found, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection and the fault should be eliminated in time. For reasons that can't be found for a while, it must not be treated without any treatment. In the usual work, you must also pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling system.


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