Safety procedure for steel butt welder

Update: 24-08-2019

1. Welding operations and coordination personnel must w […]

1. Welding operations and coordination personnel must wear labor protection articles as required. Safety measures must be taken to prevent accidents such as electric shock and fire.

2. The butt welder should be placed indoors and should have reliable grounding or zero connection. The length of the welding wire should not be greater than 30m. When it is necessary to lengthen the wire, the cross section of the wire should be increased accordingly. When multiple butt welders are installed side by side, the mutual spacing shall not be less than 3m, and shall be connected to the grids of different phases, respectively, and shall have their own knife-type switches.

3. Within 10m of the welding site, no flammable or explosive materials such as oil, wood, oxygen cylinder or acetylene generator shall be stacked.

4. Before the operation, it should be checked and confirmed that the pressure mechanism of the welding machine is flexible, the clamp is firm, and the air pressure and hydraulic system are leak-free.

5. Before welding, the secondary voltage should be adjusted according to the cross section of the welded steel bar, and the steel bars exceeding the specified diameter of the welder should not be welded.

6. The contact point and electrode of the circuit breaker should be regularly polished, and all the connecting bolts of the secondary circuit should be tightened regularly. The cooling water temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, and the displacement should be adjusted according to the temperature.

7. When welding long steel bars, brackets should be provided, and the operators who carry the steel bars should pay attention to prevent spark burns during welding.

8. The flashing area should be provided with a flame-retardant baffle. Other personnel are not allowed to enter the welding.

9. During the winter welding, the indoor temperature should not be lower than 8oC. After the operation, the cooling water in the machine should be exhausted.

The above contents are compiled according to the problems encountered in the actual work, for reference, if there is any problem, please communicate and correct in time.