The functional structure of the productivity of the high frequency welder

Update: 28-10-2020

The function of high-frequency welding machine refers t […]

The function of high-frequency welding machine refers to the characteristics and abilities shown in the connection and relationship between the internal and external of the system, and the productivity function is a characteristic shown in human society. Productivity is not a natural thing, but created by man. Man has a certain purpose to create productivity. The productivity function of high-frequency welding machine is determined by the structure and selected by man according to a certain goal.
The function must be In line with human purpose. For example, animals and plants are naturally generated, and there are hundreds of thousands of species, which have nothing to do with human goals. Automobiles are man-made, and people pursue two purposes when they make cars; one is usability, which meets the requirements of human use; the other is economy, which is low manufacturing cost. To have good usability, it should be manufactured according to the characteristics of each user, so that there will be hundreds of millions of varieties of cars. And only mass production can reduce costs, and a single-variety car has the lowest cost. In this way, car varieties do not develop naturally like animal and plant species, but people choose between usability and economy.

For example, when cars are used in large quantities, the exhaust gas will harm the environment, and the environment will harm people, triggering a confrontation between man and nature, and people will create an environmentally friendly car that alleviates this confrontation. It can be seen from the citation that in the field of micro-productivity, functions are not entirely determined by structure, but are also selected by people according to certain purposes. In the macro field, productivity has two elements: the subject (human) and the object (natural). The combination of human and nature is the macro structure of the productivity of the high-frequency welding machine.
The structure of this high-frequency welding machine is in the human society. The characteristic of performance is concentrated on what purpose is achieved, which is the productivity function. In terms of macro functions, it has experienced the following three development and survival productivity. The initial and most basic function is to solve the problem of human existence. Man came from an animal (wolf) in nature. Initially, he had no ability to transform nature, and his survival was completely controlled by nature. The human body is a part of the natural world, and it needs food and water to survive. Initially, food and water were all given by nature. Plants and animals grow in the river, and people can easily obtain food and water to survive. The ancient civilizations in the world are all born in river basins, which indicates that the survival of man is completely controlled by nature. The initial relationship between man and nature is not a harmonious adaptation, but man is completely controlled by nature and is a slave to nature.

But man is not completely surrendered. After he has mastered a certain ability, he always wants to change and conquer nature. The word nature in the Western language, the equivalent word in ancient Chinese is heaven (heaven and earth), to fight against nature is to fight against the sky. According to legend, China has the myth of Yi shooting for nine days. Yi was a hero in the era of Emperor Yao. There were 10 suns in the sky, which scorched crops, and Yi shot down 9 suns, making the weather cooler and allowing crops to grow.
More than 4000 years ago, Dayu's control of water was a great pioneering work of mankind to transform nature. There are many ancient documents that have recorded it, but the scope is limited to the Central Plains who eats the sky. People in the Central Plains initially only played the role of energy power in production and were completely controlled by nature. To get rid of the control of nature, people must first get rid of their energy function. Agriculture is mainly solar energy, the author grows naturally, and the energy provided by people only plays a supporting role and can be maintained.