The main function of the automatic hot melt welding machine

Update: 15-11-2019

The automatic hot-melt welding machine control box is c […]

The automatic hot-melt welding machine control box is connected with a pressure sensor and a temperature probe, which can control and adjust the temperature of the heating plate, and can also control 5 stages such as preheating stage, endothermic stage, conversion stage, welding stage and cooling stage in the welding process. The time parameter of the phase. During work, different stages are allowed to set different pressures and maintenance times and record, and each work cycle can be automatically recorded and repeated. A new set of welding parameters is selected, and if the actual parameters are out of tolerance, an alarm will appear.
Fully automatic hot melt welding machines generally have the following functions:
1, can achieve consistent, reliable, repeatable operations;
2. The system will control and record the main parameters of each stage of the welding process to determine the condition of each weld;
3. The welder has a data retrieval storage device and a data download interface for storing and downloading welding data;
4. After milling the end face of the pipe, it can automatically check whether the pipe is clamped firmly;
5. Automatically measure the drag pressure and automatically compensate the drag force;
6. Automatically monitor the temperature of the hot plate according to the selected parameters. Only when the hot plate temperature is within the set working temperature range, the welder can perform welding;
7. The hot plate is placed in all stages after the end faces of the two pipes to be welded (pressurization, crimping, lowering pressure to drag pressure, endothermic pressure and time, switching: rack opening/hot plate extraction/rack closing, Pressurization, pressure holding, cooling) are performed automatically;
8. The microprocessor uses a closed-loop control system.