The processing principle of various metal laser welding machines

Update: 30-08-2019

The role of the protective gas of various metal laser w […]

The role of the protective gas of various metal laser welding machines is to surround the weld pool to prevent oxidation, and to properly accelerate the cooling of the weld and reduce the width of the heat affected zone of the weld. The difference in physical properties, thermal conductivity, solubility in water, etc. of the shielding gas has different effects on the quality of the welding. The denser gas is still better at the high temperature around the weldment to prevent oxidation of the weldment.

The gas density of various metal laser welding machines has a greater effect on the weld than the effect of its ionization. In order to reduce or eliminate the influence of laser power, defocusing amount, welding speed, pulse frequency, type of shielding gas and flow rate on steel and aluminum laser welding defects, laser marking has the advantages of anti-wear and no fading. Laser processing in Dongguan, the laser beam is irradiated onto the surface of the processed object to remove or melt the material and change the surface of the object to achieve the processing purpose. It is non-contact processing, no mechanical force, the processing material is not deformed, and the damage is small.

This has become a clear advantage of laser technology and other processing methods. For example, in the field of crystal marking, according to the traditional paint marking method, due to the poor adhesion of stainless steel to paint, the processed crystal can not be cleaned, which brings a lot of inconvenience. Now, laser marking is used in this field. The marks formed are clear, long lasting and indelible.