Ultrasonic welding machine preparation work before welding

Update: 30-12-2020

What are the preparations for the ultrasonic welding ma […]

What are the preparations for the ultrasonic welding machine before welding?

1. Assemble the welding head:

(1) First wipe the transducer (CONE), the welding head (HORN) and the welding head screw with alcohol or gasoline, and then apply a thin layer of the welding head screw, the transducer and the welding head joint surface Yellow grease then locks the welding head screw on the welding head. Note: If the joint surface of the transducer and welding head is damaged, the transmission efficiency of vibration will decrease, so care should be taken for maintenance.

(2) Then tighten the 4 welding head level adjustment screws to fix the transducer in the middle of its rotation range.

(3) Screw the welding head into the transducer by hand until it cannot rotate.

(4) Tighten the welding head with the welding head locking wrench (about 300Kg/cm torque). At this time, pay special attention to not letting the transducer rotate to prevent the tip from twisting. (If rotation is found, the 4 welding head level adjustment screws should be tightened).

2. Welding head adjustment:

(1) Adjustment preparation:

① Turn on the air pressure source and adjust the pressure to 2kg/C㎡.

②Turn on the main power switch on the vibration box, and the power indicator light is on.

(2) Adjustment of welding head direction:

① Loosen the 4 horizontal adjustment screws, align the position of the welding head with the work object, and then press the body lift switch to press the welding head against the work object.

(3) Level adjustment of welding head:

Gently pat around the welding head to make the welding head match the working object, and fix 4 horizontal adjustment screws on average.

(4) Adjust the height of the welding head:

If the welding of the work requires preparation for the height, adjust the lowest point fine-tuning screw to the most appropriate position of the lifting cylinder after welding.