What are the applications of ultrasonic welding machines in automobiles

Update: 26-03-2021

Basic principles of ultrasonic welding: According to th […]

Basic principles of ultrasonic welding:

According to the ultrasonic generator, the high-frequency electromagnetic energy is converted into the molecular thermal motion of the high school frequency, and then the molecular thermal motion is transmitted to the ultrasonic mold according to a set of amplitude modulator equipment that can change the amplitude. The ultrasonic mold transmits the received vibration kinetic energy to the joint part of the steel parts to be welded by electric welding. In this area, the vibration kinetic energy is converted into energy according to the friction method, and the plastic is melted. Ultrasonic waves can not only be used for electric welding and welding of hard thermosetting plastics, but also can be used to produce and process textiles and plastic films.

Ultrasonic welding is a new technology that melts cooked plastically deformed plastic products. Because the use of this technology can replace the fixation of solutions, adhesives, nails or other mechanical equipment in the previous production, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs.


For electric welding of plastic parts of trolleys, non-standard ultrasonic welding machines and equipment are often used. Double-head multi-tooling fixture design scheme, including PCL system control and LCD actual operation, electric welding of complicated steel parts of large and medium-sized trolleys, including welding surfaces of different orientations , Several parts need to be welded by electric welding.

The applications of ultrasonic welding on the car include:

Car door panels, car door panels, sound insulation felt, car interior parts welding without cloth, car dashboards, car dashboards, car plastic parts riveting, car bumpers, tire covers, car roofs, trunks without cloth, Car seat cushion without cloth, car hood, car taillight, car light cover, car bearing cage, car glove box, car filter device, car plastic valve, car gas commutator, car cyclone detector, etc.