What is the difference between the principle of ultrasonic and the principle of high frequency machine

Update: 17-03-2021

Generally speaking, if you have a certain understanding […]

Generally speaking, if you have a certain understanding of high-frequency waves, you have to hear ultrasonic waves. What is the difference between the basic principles of high-frequency waves and the basic principles of ultrasonic waves?

The basic principle of high frequency is to use high frequency waves higher than 100KHZ to work. This is based on the high frequency oscillator (alias rectifier tube) resonant circuit device that creates a high frequency magnetic field (also known as high frequency magnetic field), and ultrasonic waves generally use a frequency of 20KHZ Or 15KHZ frequency wave to work, this is due to vibration head friction. Because their stock bands are different, so they and their products are very different, like the high frequency plastic welding machine, the key is to use with 10% Soft plastic pellets with PVC composition, leather products, etc., but the ultrasonic machine is mainly used for electric welding of hard plastics, preferably hard plastics processed by injection molding of welded products, and the best welding is ABS composition. .

There are several types of high-frequency plastic welding machines in our country. The mainland of China is generally called high-frequency machines and high-frequency heat-sealing machines. Hong Kong compatriots in China are generally called working voltage machines, and Taiwanese compatriots are called high-frequency machines. In fact, they are all devices. Similarly, the frequency of the high-frequency machine is between 27.12 and 40.68MHZ, so it is called a high-frequency machine or a high-frequency machine.

The high-frequency machine is widely used in the plastic welding industry and can melt or melt PVC, PET, TPU, PE, etc. A variety of products made of new environmentally friendly molecular materials, such as blister packaging and sealing, single and double sided suction and cardboard hot melt, luggage, leather goods, shoes and other leather embossed logo embossing and embossed decorative patterns Embossing and melting, stationery box, PVC valid certificate, rain sail, folding umbrella, rain poncho, water bed, air blowing check toy, soft film ceiling, PVC outdoor tent, various packaging bags, ice cold bags, hand warmers , Portable PVC soft bag, blood night dialysis bag, car sun visor, door frame, car interior parts, seat cushion, high-end mobile phone luggage leather goods, motorcycle seat cushion, high-frequency vacuum toilet seat cushion, underwear TPU magnetic bag, medical supplies, etc., Therefore, the high-frequency machinery and equipment specializes in innovative technology for the research and development of products and related similar products or products in the manufacturing industry.

There are many types of ultrasound. For example, there are ultrasonic B-ultrasound machines for medical equipment, ultrasonic beauty skin care machines, and industrial-grade ultrasonic automatic welding machines:

The key of the ultrasonic automatic welding machine is to weld the injection molded products by electric welding, so that the two are welded together. Generally, the products processed by injection molding must be opened with an ultrasonic line, so that the products welded by ultrasonic welding are strong and beautiful. Exceeding moisture and gas resistance, the ultrasonic automatic welding machine is mainly used in the electronic industry's charging head, rechargeable battery level, glass milk bottle and other manufacturing industries.