What is the importance of welding

Update: 27-08-2020

Welding is a permanent joint between two or more simila […]

Welding is a permanent joint between two or more similar or dissilimar maraterials by heating them to a certain temperature with or without the application of pressure or by the pressure alone and with/ without adding filler materials.

1. The welding specification is a guiding document formulated according to the welding characteristics and process requirements of the material;

2. The welding specification stipulates the requirements for the shape of the welding groove and the requirements for the treatment of the weld. The shape of the groove and the treatment of the weld are directly related to the welding strength of the weld;

3. Welding specifications have not yet specified the welding rod, welding wire material, welding rod and welding wire replacement, directly related to whether the welding seam fusion is ideal;

4. Welding specifications stipulate the welding current, voltage and other parameters, the size of welding current and voltage, and the metallographic crystallization status of the welding material and filler material after fusion and welding, while the metallographic crystal particles are dense, the weld strength is also large If the metallographic crystal particles are coarse, the strength of the weld will gradually decrease. The reasonable current and voltage can make the welding material and the filler material fuse well, and the crystal will be uniform;

5. The welding specification is based on the experience summed up by thousands of experimental data.

In summary, the welding specification is very important to the welding quality. It can guide the welding operation in accordance with the correct method to avoid the occurrence of welding defects.



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