What is the optimal temperature for an automated soldering machine

Update: 09-10-2019

I believe that many manufacturers know how important it […]

I believe that many manufacturers know how important it is to control the solder temperature of automated soldering machines. In the practice of soldering, if the temperature is too low, false soldering will be formed.

The phenomenon of virtual soldering, when the temperature is too high, it is simple to have tin beads, and it is simple to make the soldering iron tip violently oxidize to form a phenomenon that does not occupy tin.

What is the temperature setting?

The soldering iron tip setting temperature during soldering generally has a room temperature compensation of 0 to 50 degrees, the lead liquid temperature of the soldering is about 330 degrees, and the dwell time is 2 to 4 seconds. The common temperature for soldering lead-free is

Around 370, the time is 3~5 seconds. Of course, if you are lazy, the typical temperature of the soldering machine is 380 degrees, which can meet the welding requirements of many products. If you feel

If you don't get 380 degrees, you can add it, but Xiaobian wants to inform you here that the higher the temperature, the more the temperature of the soldering machine will be affected.

The sooner. Of course, the harm is not limited to this one. When the temperature of the soldering machine exceeds 450 degrees, some components may be burnt directly.

In the soldering machine profession, temperature is one of the factors that improve the quality of the product, but the quality of the soldering machine is also crucial. A good soldering machine can make you more toss, even if

It’s okay to toss and it’s fine. It has good after-sales service.


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