Introduction of Flash Butt Welder Application Technology

Update: 29-11-2019

The flash butt welding machine has a simple welding pro […]

The flash butt welding machine has a simple welding process, low requirements on the workpiece to be welded, low loss, less burrs, simple equipment operation, and easy management; it can weld various plate profiles of low-carbon steel, alloy steel, or dissimilar metals. Wide range, is a high quality and efficient welding equipment.

In flash butt welding, the geometry and size of the butt joints of the two weldments should be basically the same. The diameter of the round weldment should not exceed 15%. When the cross-section of the weldment is large, the end of one of the weldments can be chamfered to increase the current density. Large, easy to trigger the flash, so that it can be used without preheating or the need to increase the secondary voltage at the beginning of the flash process.

The welding head will produce different degrees of overheating during welding. The Weiss structure will reduce the plasticity of the joint, but it is allowed under normal conditions of use. In severe processes, it is eliminated by normalization or annealing.

Welding surface requirements for welding are not strict, but the contact surface with the clamp electrode should be cleaned strictly. The methods include mechanical cleaning with abrasive wheels, wire brushes, or pickling.