Maintenance method of welding machine

Update: 28-03-2020

It is very important for the welding machine to perform […]

It is very important for the welding machine to perform daily maintenance. Proper maintenance will prolong the service life of the machine and ensure the best welding condition. So how do we as a novice do a good job of daily maintenance? Here are some simple and effective conservation methods for everyone.

1. Inject lubricants regularly:

Lubricate the moving parts of the device every half a month and add a few drops of oil / butter to the moving parts of each part.

2. Air filter:

The function of the air source filter is to filter out water and debris in the compressed air, so as to prevent water and gas from damaging the pneumatic components. During work, the water in the filter cup must be observed frequently. When the water surface contacts the cover in the cup, the equipment must be stopped in time and the air source switch on the pressure regulating valve side must be closed. Make the air pressure in the filter zero. The accumulated water will be discharged through the lower drain of the filter. After draining the water, the device can be resumed.

2. Clean up the dirt:

When the device is used for a long time, dirt will deposit in the filter cup. At this time, the filter cup must be removed for cleaning. When removing the filter cup, hold the cup body, press the button with your thumb, rotate it by an angle, and pull it down to remove the cup body.

Clean the inner wall of the cup with a neutral detergent and a brush, and remove the filter element from the cover to clean it. Then install the filter element and the cup according to the reverse procedure.

 3. Grind electrode cap:

With the increase of solder joints, the electrode will gradually form an oxide layer on the surface. This oxidation structure accumulates to a certain extent, which will cause current to not pass through. This is extremely detrimental to welding. The surface should be regularly polished with a file or replaced. New electrode.