Welding material elements are similar to ultrasonic welding

Update: 29-01-2021

Ultrasonic metal welding machine is a kind of mechanica […]

Ultrasonic metal welding machine is a kind of mechanical treatment process, which converts high frequency electric energy into mechanical oscillation effect on two metal surfaces to be welded through the transducer equipment. The friction welding machine makes the two metal surfaces face each other under pressure. The main frequency conflicts to form heat condensation and welding. During the welding process, there is no current passing through the welded part, and there is no welding arc production in electric welding mode. Because ultrasonic welding does not have problems such as heat conduction and resistivity, it is undoubtedly an ambition for non-ferrous metal materials. Metal welding system.

The hot plate machine uses the principle of electrothermal melting, the copper-aluminum friction welding machine prepares to control the temperature change, and is equipped with complete mechanical equipment to achieve perfect welding, which compensates for the lack of ultrasonic welding machines for welding large and special plastic workpieces. It is mainly suitable for the welding of thermoplastic materials such as PP, PE, and plastic workpieces with large and messy welding area. Ultrasonic metal welding was discovered occasionally in the 1830s. It is similar to conflict welding, but there are differences. Ultrasonic welding has a short time and the temperature is lower than recrystallization; it is also different from pressure welding. The static pressure applied by friction welding machine manufacturers is much smaller than that of pressure welding. It is generally believed that in the initial stage of the ultrasonic welding process, the tangential oscillation removes the oxides on the metal surface, and the process of repeated micro-welding and damage to the outstanding parts of the rough surface increases the contact area and increases the temperature of the welding zone. High, plastic deformation occurs at the interface of the weldment.

The linear oscillation conflict welding machine is used on a complete set of parts that allows linear oscillation in one direction. When all the surfaces of the joint are flat or slightly bent out of the plane, the oscillation conflict welding machine welding is more aspirational than other welding for the part. Friction welding equipment oscillating conflict welding machine used in automobiles is mainly embodied in the engine air intake system, interior and exterior trim parts and car lights. The intake manifold now basically uses PA and glass fiber reinforced materials, and as far as the current process is concerned, as long as the oscillation conflict can meet the welding requirements, whether it is air tightness or explosion pressure strength, it is other What cannot be done by the cohesion method.

The oscillating conflict welding machine is suitable for almost all thermoplastics, parts with allowable unconstrained motion welds in the reciprocating direction, and friction welding of medium or large parts. The welding material elements are similar to ultrasonic welding. It can connect the parts whose welding area size is approximately the same as the distance between welding area and rotating shaft.